I'm Mike Sullivan, the creator of this site. I'm a venture capital lawyer by day, but have always been interested in trees - and especially San Francisco's trees - as a hobby.  

My interest in San Francisco's trees started in the early 1990s, when I began volunteering with Friends of the Urban Forest - planting trees every Saturday morning with that group in neighborhoods all over the city.  I later joined FUF's board of directors, and served on the board for 12 years, including a stint as board president.    

In early 2001, I had the good fortune to run into Arthur Lee Jacobson, author of Trees of Seattle, and he convinced me to tackle the project of a book about San Francisco's trees.  Fortunately or unfortunately, during 2001-2002, venture capital lawyers had very little to do (remember the dot-com crash?), so I had the time to write Trees of San Francisco, which was published by Pomegranate Press in 2004.   Wilderness Press published a second edition in 2013.

I live in San Francisco's Parnassus Heights neighborhood with my husband Paul and son Joseph.  We planted the soapbark tree (Quillaja saponaria) in front of our Woodland Avenue home the same week Joe was born in 2004.

To reach me, send me an email at michaelsullivan415 [at]