10:00 am10:00

Presidio Tree Tour

Friends of the Urban Forest Tree Tour led by Mike Sullivan.  Meet at the Lombard Gate (corner of Lombard and Lyon).  We'll wander through the trees surrounding the Letterman Digital Arts campus, skirt the headquarters of Friends of the Urban Forest, and then do a loop through the Main Post of the Presidio.   Come see trees planted in lawns instead of sidewalk cuts - and observe the results of a decade of tree species experimentation by the Presidio Trust.    

10:00 am10:00

Panhandle Tree Tour

I'll lead a 2 hour tour through the Golden Gate Park panhandle - a virtual shrine to trees.  Come see the common and uncommon trees of the panhandle.  I'll talk about the recently released 2nd edition of my book, Trees of San Francisco (and I'll have books for sale - they'll be fresh off the press)!  

Meet at the statue of William McKinley, in the panhandle just off Baker between Oak and Franklin Streets